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History & Falconry

Pakistan has good falconry history. It’s a family heritage learned through generation, more than 1800 families are practicing  century old tradition today in Pakistan. The art is preserved and practice by the generation as name of their family and forefathers.

In the sub-continent, falconry appears to have been known from at least 600 years BC.  Mughals were keen falconer .

In 1674Ad A Swords man Khushal Khan Khattak and expert falconer wrote the falconry history covering the aspect of falconry from trapping, taming, and beyond all a complete herbal medication expertise of the centuries to a book “Baz Nama”.

Pakistan falconer s are expert falconers with good knowledge of falconry covering herbal medications and craftsman. Devoting life to falconry. 

Geographically in Pakistan mostly birds migrate from the border area from China and Afghanistan. In Sep-Oct Passage goshawks, Sparrow hawks, Sakers, Peregrine falcon start arriving to Pakistan areas due to climate change. They arrives in distributed way fist juvenile followed by adults. Trapped by trappers and sold to falconer for falconry.

Most popular Bird of prey is the Passage Goshawk in Pakistan. You can also find a good community of falconer flying sparrow hawk, Sakers and peregrine falcon. Main game birds are partridges gray and black, chukar, muddy swift, Quail, Rabbits, pheasant, migratory ducks, and hubara bustard

Pakistan Falconry

Pakistan falconers are keen falconers. They build relation with each other for centuries friendship and respect passes to generation between the families. They live with their birds. Pakistani falconers devote their life to falconry spending winter with the bird on hand from dawn to sunset.

They help each other in falconry they train theirs birds together. Birds are trained in the old ancient way keeping birds awake moving them in the markets introduce them to their pointer dogs. Taming process is completed in 2-3 weeks of passage goshawks

Bells to legs and a neck bell with a long strip hanging (which helps the bird to balance walking in the field.) Flying with right hand with two finger glove. Goshawk is thrown after the game bird in air with a direct flight or Tail chase. Gliding is used for rabbits etc.

Pakistan falconers have no experience in telemetry they find the bird by bell especially the neck bell is the best to find.

Hunting trips are arranged in the season and invite each other for falconry day.  Falconry day is started by a pray, unleashes the bird and starts enjoying their best moments of their life with a healthy environment of good gossip.

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