Devoting life to falconry “Pakistan falconers”

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Falconry As Pakistan Heritage Culture
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Falconry is Family Heritage Learned Through Generations


Life to Falconry Heritage

Falconry is not business of convenience or expediency rather it is a deep love gifted by Almighty

  • Bird of sky is a vigilant and experienced man job.
  • Bustling Ancient Hunting art, a tradition sport taking quarry in its natural habitat by the mean of trained birds of prey.
  • Falconry reveals nobility, wisdom and skill of a person. Atmosphere of Falconry is a life. Bird of prey Belongs to good falconer ,“Good falcon with a bad falconer will always lose its charm” where as  “bad falcon with a good falconer makes it a best falcon.”
  • Falconer is only when he trains his bird and flies the bird with success on wild quarry.  Bird Of Prey should never  go to the inexperienced hands as the possibility of waste and harm is for sure. Always a well acquainted falconer be consulted.
  • Falconer Devoting life to falconry are the Pakistan falconer. Expert in their field from centuries still practicing the ancient art in the ancient way.
  • Falconer s at home to  secure  Falconry.
  • It’s a falconry site for the benefit of Falconers. We do not endorse in any type of trade in Birds of prey

  Pakistan Falconry

Pakistan falconers are keen falconers. They build relation with each other for centuries friendship and respect passes to generation between the families. They live with their birds. Pakistani falconers devote their life to falconry spending winter with the bird on hand from dawn to sunset.

They help each other in falconry they train theirs birds together. Birds are trained in the old ancient way keeping birds awake moving them in the markets introduce them to their pointer dogs. Taming process is completed in 2-3 weeks of passage goshawks.

Bells to legs and a neck bell with a long strip hanging (which helps the bird to balance walking in the field.) Flying with right hand with two finger glove. Goshawk is thrown after the game bird in air with a direct flight or Tail chase. Gliding is used for rabbits etc.

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